Bankruptcy Attorney in New York

Bringing Peace of Mind to Clients

Let’s be clear right out of the gate—your choice to file bankruptcy is moral, legal, and a hallmark of an enlightened society! While it can be a difficult decision, it can be beneficial. You deserve to know your rights and have a New York bankruptcy lawyer help you through the process.

Bankruptcy Is a Good Debt Relief Option

Debt? What is it, really? Like the blood in our veins, debt is the lifeblood of a consumer society. For most of us, money, like debt, comes and goes. It has its cycles. It’s not a crime to owe debts and it’s not immoral to be in a position of not being able to pay your debt!

A set of federal laws, known as The Bankruptcy Code, were enacted by Congress to help Americans get back on their feet and obtain a fresh start. Bankruptcy allows a consumer who realizes he or she has no reasonable means of paying off debt to find a permanent and legal solution to most, if not all, of their debt problems.

Learn which form of bankruptcy might be right for you:

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